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Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Day: Day 25

Giving thanks... for my family and my cute little dog buddy, Cocoa! I did not have time this day to do anything too creative, but I did take a picture of my daughter and my dog cocoa. He was very tired after a long day of seeing all his human relatives and his "brother" from another litter that my mom adopted from the same breeder. I couldn't resist capturing this photo since Cocoa was looking so cute as he was trying to sleep in my daughters arms. I have a photo that includes my daughters face along with Cocoa, which I did not think was bad, but my daughter made a "face" when I showed it to her on my phone after shooting it and I know if she ever knew that I posted it anywhere on the internet she would "hate me", so I am being respectful...thus why she is cut off.
This is my contribution to Art Every Day Month, a cute dog photo, and my resting and enjoying family. This will enhance my creativity the rest of the week by taking some down time. Did everyone else have a great holiday? What did you do that was restful? 

See you soon, Much Love and Blessings,



  1. What a sweet dog! My daughter is exactly the same way...I have to delete half of the photos I take of her. I'm also glad that you had such a great Thanksgiving:)

  2. Carol...yes, I love my cuddly little dog. He is a schnoodle (miniature poodle and miniature schnauzer mix). Isn't it funny how are kids are about photos? I know I do have SOME photos that I forbid others to post, but for the most part I have accepted how I look most days. I hope that you had a great holiday also!