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Monday, November 22, 2010

Playing With Blobs: Day 22

Still Playing With Photoshop
I got out my Wacom Tablet today to do a little playing since I have not used it in quite sometime. I started out with one of the drawings that I posted at the beginning of the month that I did in Fluid Painter and used that as the original background. Then I started playing with drawing various brush strokes, but I quickly decided that I did not like what was happening and switched gears. I ran the poster edges filter over the background and I got a cool effect that I liked and then I started just playing around with hues, saturation and layer effects until I got something that spoke to me today. I added some simple shapes and found a pleasing composition that was kind of fun! (click on the image to view a larger version)

I hope everyone will forgive me for not writing a lot today, I have been up since 4:00 a.m. to finish a 20 page research paper before starting work, on adolescent suicide and the art therapy interventions that can be used to help them with depression and other feelings and behaviors that increase the likelihood of suicide. My brain is now mush, but I wanted to do a little art and to at least post. More "verbage" tomorrow I hope when my brain gels back together and I can think again.  

I hope everyone is still having fun with Art Every Day Month! 

Blessings and Much Love,



  1. Oh I love the digital playing and composition you came up with for this post, Diane! Lovely! Congrats on finishing the research paper -- that is definitely a piece of Art Every Day if you ask me!! Hope your brain got a rest from mushiness! :)

  2. Kara aka Mother Henna...I am glad that you enjoyed my art post today. Yes, the research paper was a tough one to complete, but it is off my plate and I only have one more major one to go for the end of this semester. You are right, I "thought" about posting the research paper as my Art Every Day, but then thought most people who are not into art therapy would probably find it boring, not to mention having no visual stimulation to offer the audience. I will rest my brain, thank you!

  3. Totally laughing at myself. I had to do a double take at the title for this post as I read it a touch too quickly and at first thought it said, "playing with boobs." Great colours in your non-boob pictureI love the movement in it too.

    What a tough paper to write. Hope your day is a good one even though you have so little sleep to run off of.

  4. Beautiful image. I love how the more angular shapes recede into the backgound, beneath the calming circles.

    Your research paper sounds really interesting.

  5. B @ Sweet Limes...I wonder how many others have done that, probably even some who were not attempting to look at "artwork" created with boobs! Hey, maybe the search engines will make that mistake and my site will be as popular as the other "porn" sites! :0 Just kidding around, but it is funny. After I typed that title I thought about the possibility of people reading it wrong and then I thought, leave it as is and have some fun with it! Thank you so much for stopping by and bringing your sense of humor along. And yes, the paper was tough to write, but it is done now, thanks for the concern.

  6. Dave...thanks for the visit. I am glad that you enjoyed the calming effect of the circles. I had not really thought about the piece the way that you did, but you are right the circles kind of offer a calm above a more turbulent underpainting. Someone other than my instructor and me that is actually interested in my research! This IS a good day!

  7. What a beautiful piece, so dreamy and it reminds me of spirit orbs.

  8. Julie...yes, I see what you mean about the spirit orbs...kind of like someones or many peoples auras blending together. I love it when someone sees something new in my work. Thank you for the compliment also.

  9. Lovely image, Diane!! I can understand why your brain would be a bit mushy after such a big paper. I hope it went well!

  10. The wacom tablet is a fantastic tool, isn't it! I love it but sometimes prefer to use tradional media to avoid sitting at my desk...

  11. Eveyly...I have had my wacom for several years now, but I forget to use it sometimes. Yes, the limitation of being chained to the computer is a bummer. When the ipad came out I thought it would be cool if it worked like a wacom tablet, but was mobile, but the memory is not there to run pressure sensitive programs like Photoshop and though you can use a stylus or your fingers in some very cool ipad/iphone apps, it doesn't not still have the same feel. I have been playing a bit though with the iphone art apps, but I don't see dropping $550 at the cheapest for an ipad right now until it gets more features. Thanks for stopping!

  12. Leah...thank you for the support on my "mushy" brain and my paper. I am glad to have these abstract meandering during this month to release some brain cells to play after crunching them so much for all this cognitive work. I appreciate you stopping by and I really appreciate your willingness to host this event and to keep it going. I am looking forward to next years event already!