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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Texture Playfulness Is The Name Of The Game: Day 5 and 6

I am posting quick since I have to get focused on homework this evening. A big art therapy case review is underway for our Clinical III course, so the rest of the weekend is focused on that.

Day 5 Texture Play
This day found me just quickly playing with some texture strokes on the computer on one of my new found online sources Flame Painter since I did not have a lot of time. This was a quick half hour, and I got the image above happening. It kind of reminded me of fireworks and got me thinking of summer days...not the fall days that we are experiencing now, which are cold and grey. I did a screen shot of this...low res...but okay for using as a background texture, given that I plan on "gritting" it up a bit anyway so I am hoping the resolution will still do okay with all the texture overlays. I won't really know until I print something out...everything looks good on the 72 dpi screen resolution.

In the Morning of Day 6 
I found myself playing a bit with some other textures and filters over coffee before starting on homework and heading out to the gym. I created both images by adding the texture photo to the right and then playing with various filters, layer blending modes and opacity's, and layer masks in Photoshop. Again, just works in progress to move forward on maybe as the month unfolds. You can click on any image to see it larger for more details.

The bottom image definitely needs some things brought out of the added "crackled" texture but I am playing and I really like the effect, but I need to enhance some of the circles and bring them forward a bit so the texture isn't taking over so much...but it is a beginning.

Now on to art therapy...treatment planning: goals, interventions etc. for my homework. Later this weekend I hope to check out what some others are doing on Art Every Day Month.

Suggestions or comments would be welcomed!

Blessings and Love,



  1. Such wonderful textures! I really like the crackle effect in the last image :)

  2. Kristin: Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I am going to continue to work with the last image later this week and see what happens. I am thinking of adding some text or some other images to it too. I will just see where the "playing" theme this month takes me.

  3. Beautiful. I went tried the flame painter, that was a lot of fun. Thank you for suggesting it.
    I love fun creative play such as that.

  4. You know doing this texture play over your cuppa coffee would just make me want to spill my coffee and see what texture the stains make :) Ha! Loooooove the colorful way of your textures here... looking forward to more as AEDM unfolds. And good luck on the nitty gritty of that homework!

  5. These are so cool. Vibrant and multi-layered. I have never played with textures before, this makes me want to. Good luck with your homework.

  6. Rennata...I am glad that you enjoyed Flame Painter. It is kind of hard to control, but I imagine that you get better at predicting how it might respond after you use it more, but keeping an element of "uncontrollability" can still be a good thing some of the time...if forces you to just play more I think. Part of the battle for me was to just "relax into" the spontaneity of it. Enjoy!

  7. Kara aka Mother are funny about that coffee. Yes, if I was working more traditionally with art media I would also be inclined to try that since I like pouring and spilling watercolor on my abstract work, but I don't think that my laptop would have fared very well with that option! :)Thank you for the compliment on my textures and yes...homework is flowing, but I am not so into it these days...I have been in school WAY too long.

  8. Karen D...Yes, you should delve into the world of textures in digital form. There are differences between working textually in Photoshop vs. traditional media where you actually get to experience the tactile quality of the works both as you create them and view them, but there are also pluses to the digital form that the traditional does not have like the ability to quickly try lots of options and changing blending modes between layers. I like going back and forth between both. I have often scanned in watercolor abstracts that I have created with traditional means to lend a more organic quality to the digital paintings and I really like to work that way too. Ultimately, I do still like the true elevations of the more traditional textural pieces when you are viewing them as an audience. Differences and a variety of experiences keep us challenged and engaged I think. Good luck to you with the rest of AEDM, and thanks for the homework good wishes.

  9. Dear Diane

    Thanks for visiting me at Create With Joy and leaving such nice feedback! I love the work you do and the colors and textures on these pieces are amazing! I am now following you and look forward to exploring more of your work in the future!


  10. The Paper Princess...I enjoyed my visit to your site. I really like getting to see what everyone else is creating. Everyone seems to all have a different vision or way of looking at the world and that is conveyed in their use of media and subject matter. I find it all fascinating. Thank you so much for the compliments on my work. I am sure we will continue to visit each other through this AEDM event and after.