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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lilies Gone Wild: Day 18

Well, it is Day 18 and I am still playing with texture and abstract images. What fun it has been. I have really been surprised by some of the images that are happening while I am just playing around and letting my mind wander, trying this and that...not really having any sort of cognitive plan prior to just diving in and working very intuitively. I have noticed quite a few others this year are working on the "intuitive" level and having great results. One of them is the organizer of this great Art Every Day Month event, Leah Piken Kolidas. My thanks go out to her for continuing to host this event every year! I know that it must be hard work to get everything set up for signing up and signing in every day. She also manages to make it around to everyone at least a few times during the event to offer them kind words and encouragement since not everyone always feels what they are creating is worth posting. Myself included. Signing up is the easy part, then comes the "TERROR" that you are committing to create art and that you are going to maybe share that art with the world via the internet!

But you know what? I have come to know that the world will receive it as it was intended. I have come to believe that those who are intended to see, respond, and feel connected in some way with the art that is produced during this month WILL see it and it's purpose will be played out in their heart. This creative, sustaining energy will in turn come out in another creative creation of theirs whether that is art, music, dance, writing or just how they creatively respond to the world and to the relationships that they have in their lives. 
I fear no more! Well...I can't guarantee that a little fear won't creep back in, but for now I am trusting in the process.

Do you work intuitively when you are creating art? I am curious about how you have experienced working intuitively and if you have been pleasantly surprised by the results. How does working intuitively contrast to when you work in a more planned or structured way?

Blessings and Much Love,


  1. Karen...Thank you for your compliment! I guess I just work with the color combination's that come naturally to me, as we all do. I think we all gravitate to a certain palette for the most part unless we "force" ourselves to move into something else "just because we feel we need to stretch ourselves". Texture is a wonderful thing, even when it is 2D!

  2. I have been endlessly inspired to create new work every day, by the wonderful work I see from other artists taking part in this challenge. And yes, the terror factor is there, but diminishing

  3. Tobi...I am so glad that your terror is diminishing as you are doing this Art Every Day Month. It can be so freeing to just let go and see what happens in the process. I think that we will all grow in our exploration of ourselves as artists as each AEDM year passes. I plan on doing it again next year if all goes well, I hope you do too.

  4. I wouldn't call it intuitive, I would call it: the piece knows what it wants, don't get in the way or you'll be sorry. When I overthink anything it never turns out "right." I have to disengage brain and engage flow. Which is probably why I love making art - it makes my head shut up!

  5. Tammy...yes, often the art has a mind of it's own and you are right, the times that I allow myself to get in the way and sometimes "direct" the flow are the times that things "flop". I think I just got so used to directing creativity when I was a graphic designer that it is hard to let more of that down in my fine art work. Graphic design is a completely different way of working. There are certainly similarities in the creative process but it is definitively more cognitive in nature. Art is good for helping me shut down by brain too...I am glad to see that I am not the only one that has a brain that just keeps going, and going and going...sometimes like you said, it needs to just "shut up" sometimes. Thanks for stopping by!