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Monday, November 8, 2010

Relaxing Digital Watercolor Playing For Me: Day 8

 I did not have a chance to do anything on Day 7 for my art contribution, but I have to remember that I don't have to do something every day...I can cut myself some slack. 

Day 8 Fluid Play
For Day 8 of Art Every Day Month I am posting these fun textures that I created on Fluid Painter which is another online art creation program by the same guy that created the Flame Painter program that I created my initial texture from my post on Day 6. I did screen shots of these images to save them to my computer. Both of these programs offer me a place to just let my mind this case quite literally, as the colors flowed in together (kind of reminds me of a lava lamp-for those who had one or may still have one)...which is about all I can handle some days with my emotional drains from the work that I do during the day.

Some of you who are "quick on the uptake" might have noticed that I said that I am "posting" these fun textures I created...not really indicating that I actually DID them today. Truth be known, I actually created them the same day I did the Flame Painter backgrounds, but I don't have anything to show today, time has not worked in my I am cheating a bit. Do you hate me?

In my defense, I figure that it's okay since some days allow more time than others for creative play. I hope to incorporate these with some other textures much like I did with the ones that I played with from Flame Painter on my previous posts. I hope to get back at creating a bit after tonight which is a major homework push. Better stop trying to look more productive to my blog friends than I actually am, and brew some coffee. It is going to be a long, late night of art therapy homework. You will all cut me some slack won't you?

Do you ever worry about your artist "image" and how other people perceive your efforts or your art? Does that affect how you do your art and how you might market your efforts? I find these things interesting, but then again...psychology and sociology intrigue me, can you tell?

Blessings and much love,


  1. Hi Diane, thanks for sharing the links to this program. This looks like fun. Im cheating too, btw. :)

  2. Glad to see that I am not the only one. I am usually a good student and I would never dream of cheating...probably because I would be too afraid of getting caught. As you see here, I couldn't even carry out the possibility, I had to "fess up"! Have fun with the program...the colors keep flowing so if you want to stop something you have to be quick and do a screen capture unless you can figure out another way. I would be curious...since you are also tech savvy.

  3. I have found that worrying about what other people think of my persona, artist or otherwise, is fruitless. People have a tendancy to project their own stuff on you anyways - and when you follow your dreams it can make others angry that they aren't following theirs. So I've learned not to take that stuff personally (and okay it only took me 60 years to come to terms with that.) I love the dreamy quality of this work. I felt like I could fall in and float around for a loooong time. I LOVE art that invites that kind of personal communion!

  4. Hi Tammy...I would agree with you for the most part. The older I get, the easier it is for me to let it go. I mostly don't care, but every so often I find myself getting caught in it again and I find that part fascinating from psychological perspective. Old behavior patterns are hard to break since they tie into so many aspects of our personal journey's. You are right...people do get angry sometimes when they see you are following your dreams or unfortunately, sometimes even if you are happy in life. I like the "dreaminess" (is that a word?) of this too...I used to love the old lava lamps too. If you fall in I will help you float to safety! :)