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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Relaxing, Mindless Doodling: Day 27

Just Going With The Flow
Trying to get a little bit of Art Every Day Month done in between homework. This is my last full weekend that I have available for homework, otherwise it is just evenings this week after work and everything is due December 4th at noon, so I am just doodling a bit to possibly get some backgrounds that I can use later for some additional art pieces. (Click on any image to see a larger view)

This is what I got today, which is more than I had before I started, so yeh! Art Every Day Month is still allowing me to create more art than when I wasn't doing it, even with my homework demands. I know a lot of us are probably tired with all the holiday things going on right now, but it amazing what some of the the other artists are still creating. Click on the Art Every Day Month link above to see what they are doing. It seems that everyone is having a great time with this months fun and a lot of GREAT artwork is being produced!

Blessings and Much Love,


  1. Diane, I love your art above--how did you create these? Love love! I am so grateful for your work--we are both passionate about art making as a vehicle to a greater awareness about the art that is our LIFE! My parents live in SW Michigan!? Where is Wyoming. Cheers to you!

  2. Whitney...I created this art in Fluid Painter You can go to the site and play. I created a few other pieces during this Art Every Day Month challenge, see Day 8 if you are interested. Thank you for the compliment on the artwork also! Wyoming is basically a suburb city of Grand Rapids, MI. It takes me about 10-15 minutes to get downtown Grand Rapids. I grew up in SW Michigan though. I graduated from Berrien Springs and my mom currently lives in Coloma (both are by the Benton Harbor/St. Joseph area if you aren't sure where they are). Where do your parents live?