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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 2: A Playful Immersion Into Texture Bliss

This "playing" is really fun! I chose to take one of my snowflakes from yesterday and do a little exploring with various filters and additional layers of various textures in Photoshop. 

I allocated just over an hour to these babies...since that was the time I had and I am just going with it. There are some fun things happening here, don't know where they will go. 

These might be backgrounds for some more elaborate digital art or some might stand alone...hmmmm...we shall see where the energy of creative play leads! Not a verbally saturated blog post, but I am letting the images speak for themselves...AND of course anyone that wants to comment can also add a voice to this blog. 

What are your thoughts on these? Do they create any feelings or emotions within you when you look at them? I am curious?   

Feedback if you please!

Blessings and much love,


  1. Oh, these textures are great, Diane... and it is so tremendous to "see" you again!!

    The different color combination in each elicit very distinct responses from me, almost like the snowflake image doesn't matter, what matters more (in my experience of this piece... visceral, not too much thought) is the color and the texture.

    The first one, for example, makes me feel thirsty. Parched, cracked, longing for water.

    The second one, in contrast, fires my creative juices (perhaps because purple is my favorite color.)

    Great stuff... evocative.

    Read my Day 3 Check in here.

  2. Thank you Julie...I really appreciate your feedback on the colors and the feeling that these image create within you. That is too cool that purple is your favorite color, mine too! I should have guessed that since your web page is purple. My fondness is not shown so obviously on my page.

    I like going out and talking and commenting to other creatives like yourself that I met in this virtual month last year. What fun it is already to connect.

  3. wow - these are really great - here's my responses to each piece
    1) a sense of powerful stillness
    2) growth and birth - new life
    3) etherial
    4) cosmic and wonder

  4. Wow these are really great the color the texture and the design...I love digital art work..I use Corel paint shop pro...Love it...Hey I noticed you are an to in NY..Nice to meet you..!

  5. Smartee...thank you so much for visiting my blog and the wonderful compliment on these pieces. I will have to trip over to your site and check out some of your work. That is fun that you are an LMSW in NY. Glad to meet you too! I am really having with with these textures this month.

  6. When I saw your profile I had to visit. What a amazing relivant concept. Your blog is amazing!!! Thaank you for sharing. Greetings from Australia.