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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Creativity In All Forms

Day #2 of Art Every Day Month
I started an art project for day two very last night, at about 11:30 p.m., and even though I told myself that it could still count for day two, it really flowed mostly into day three, which is today—so I will post on that when it is done. As you can see from my last posting, I will be posting about each day's saga of this artistic journey on the following day. This gives me time to process what was done the day before and to have time to actually post something. So here we go.

After deciding that my starting of art on day 2 at 11:30 p.m. could still qualify toward my personal commitment to this month's challenge...since there are really no requirements that a whole piece of art is actually completed everyday, in the end, I chose not to use it. I remembered that I had started reading a new book The Creative Habit: Learn It And Use It For Life  by Twyla Tharp, earlier yesterday while I sipped my coffee and ate my oatmeal while I woke up. I lingered a little longer that morning allowing myself to consume more of the pages of this intriguing book while my cat and dog cuddled up close to me and my warm blanket on the couch.

So, this is my day #2 qualifying bit of art in my day. A good book, cuddling with my pets, and warm coffee all of which are creative stimulants and qualify in my mind as an AEDM accomplishment. What things stimulate your creative thinking and warm feelings these days?


  1. I am stimulated by interesting conversations, the light of the sun and the moon, especially in times of transition (when there is rising and setting...). I am stimulated by people who inspire me, people who work towards learning and growth regardless of where they are on the curve. I am stimulated by creating art. I am stimulated by prompts and direction (as an actor, the latter works.) I am inspired by questions such as this one. I am inspired.

  2. Yes! I am totally in agreement that those things that refresh and stimulate your senses must be part of your art. You can't have one without the other. Thank you for saying so! And enjoy another art-filled day! :)

  3. Thanks for dropping by Diane. I am quite happy to see that you are really delving into the underlying emotions of this creative endeavor that we have jumped into. The release of that expression alone is even artistic. Thanks for sharing it! And remember, you're not alone for the month. :D Here's a quote for you: "Art, after all, is about rearranging us, creating surprising juxtapositions, emotional openings,
    startling presences, flight paths to the eternal."
    ~ Rosamund Stone Zander & Benjamin Zander

  4. Thank you all for visiting and your comments. I love the extra support that everyone is giving to each other as we work toward our creative goals. I am glad that you agree that we need creative stimulation also to get the "juices" flowing, so to speak. I once was told that we have to constantly "feed our creative soul" if we expect to have anything in us to let out into our art.

  5. Wow! Second artist I've come across in as many days reading Twyla Tharp's! I'm reading it too. I was scrolling through your posts; cool blog!

  6. Thank you Peggy. Glad to see that you made it over from twitter. I love meeting new people, especially artists such as yourself. Is there any place that I can see any of your art?