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Friday, November 6, 2009

The Colors and Textures of Fall

Yesterday was day #5 of Art Every Day Month and Leah suggested that I might want to use nature as a starting point for some artwork. Ideally, she suggested taking the opportunity to take a long leisurely stroll in the woods, but that was not an option for me yesterday. Not only are there no woods in close proximity to me, but in was cold, and I am a wimp when it comes to being cold. Outside looses it's luster for me around November in the Midwest. So, since I do have to go outside fairly frequently to let me cute little dog, Cocoa, out to relieve himself, I took my iphone with me and snapped a few shots of some things that caught my interest.

It Does Not Take Long For Art To Be Found
I did find some inspiration, even in just this small time that I allowed myself to focus on nature. I love the texture in these wood pieces, that were found in my yard. I get a lot of branches from several big oak trees that I have in my backyard that loose their limbs during the wonderful storm winds we have that go through here. The colored leaves brought back memories from my childhood of raking big piles of colorful leaves and jumping into them and saying "whoosh!" I wish I could cultivate that appreciation for the fun of leaves again, now...I only see piles that have to be mulched, and bagged for the season. Ah, the carefree times of our youth. I am going to be turning these little inspirations into some art in a few days. I will be taking a break from EADM today since I have an important interview that has to trump art right now and then I pack for an out-of-town trip for the weekend. I will pick EADM on Day#6 with some fun with the fall pictures. Happy Trails Everyone!


  1. love the photos - just makes me want to reach out and touch - thanks for sharing them~!~

  2. mm, yummy textures! it's true, art is everywhere!

  3. Great photos, you captured the textures of fall PERFECTLY!!

  4. Thank you everyone for the vote of confidence and the support. I have been out of town all weekend and I had taken my art supplies with me in the hopes of doing something with these photos, but it did not materialize. Now that I am back I hope to include them in something this month.

  5. Hi Diane,nice work.Can you draw characters Like,to a fiction story? You see I wrote a story and I can't do anything with it.I think if I were to be able to publish this story,it would be big.Anyway I'll come back and read your post again.This is my blog, I am YouRtheDesigner on Twitter.

  6. Fred...So nice of you to visit me here. Unfortunately, I am not a good one to draw fictional characters for a story. I have always hired illustrators for that (I have been an Art Director for 25 plus years before my career change/transition to social worker/art therapist). You really need an artist that works as an illustrator to do that well for you. If you are looking to keep your costs down, I would suggest trying to contact students in an illustration program at a commercial art college. A lot times they have a job board that students can pick up work from and they are more interested in a portfolio piece, and the exposure than the money. Do a search for a school in your area. Just a suggestion. I wish you lots of luck with that venture though.

    I will go to your blog and check it out. Thank you for your comment and the compliment on my work. Glad we connected on twitter.

  7. Diane that is a good idea,my step daughter is in college,I'll ask her to find out if they have something like that.Thanks Fred.