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Friday, November 11, 2011

AEDM 2011 Waves Are High

This year's  Art Every Day Month 2011 feels very disjointed for me for some reason. I feel like I am jumping all around creatively right now...a little bit here, a little bit there. I am trying to work all of this around the other things that are going on with my Master's of Art Therapy degree so I guess I should not be so hard on myself and just ride the waves of creativity wherever they take me. So, here go the posts...hold on for the wavy ride!

Cocoa loves his blue ball!
Little Cocoa waiting patiently.

Day Seven:
I did not really do too much creatively this day, though I did try and take advantage of one of the last lovely fall days that we had before the snow started in today. I began reading The Validation Breakdown which is feeding my soul and helping me to better understand and help the elderly with dementia that I work with every day, so they are not so frightened and angry. Understanding their situation and learning how to better my compassion for them helps to make me feel good inside and that leads to positive energy coming in that can later be put back out in my art or art for healing. Playing ball with my little buddy, Cocoa also helps feed my soul!

Day Eight:
I went back to work on my website design. I started importing photographs in of my artwork and then I worked on adding all the titles, sizes, medium listings etc. That was very time consuming and it is still is not done. That did me in for the evening, but I am making progress toward my goal. I just have to breathe.

©InnerSpirit/Diane M. McKnight

Day Nine:
I decided to start working on collecting collage elements to add to the painting that I started earlier this month at my friends studio. I started collecting images that just "called out to me" while flipping through magazines and I started ripping them out. This is a way of working that I often use with clients since it allows free association and a bit of the "serendipity of the moment", and it also allows people to get away from their cognitive side for a while. After I got a good pile of images, I cut some out and started playing around with the composition without trying to do much processing of what the imagery might mean to me. That will be the other part of this project, where I will explore what I feel may be hidden messages or meanings that my art might be trying to tell me. More on that as this artwork progresses (sorry about the glare from the overhead light on the glossy magazine cutout pieces). I will be refining the images and composition and then adhering them to the canvas with acrylic matte medium.

Day Ten
I signed up to take Reiki training Classes. I have wanted to take lessons in this forever, but I kept putting it off for various reasons (money, timing, etc.). Today I decided that I was just going to have to dive in and sign up! This really is a creative move since I have often found that when I am moving forward on my spiritual journey which is directly tied into my journey toward helping others to heal, I am overcome with creative potential and ideas that I can record and come back to later.

Everyone is doing some fantastic artwork for Art Every Day Month 2011. Go to the main website and click on the participants posts for each day to see some other terrific artists works. Are you participating in AEDM or have you ever considered taking the plunge and trying it?

Blessings and Love,


  1. I have heard that Reika has a link to creativity. It may be something to do with being relaxed and soothed. Good for you!
    Gwen xx

  2. Thank you for posting about The Validation Breakdown. My father is in the late stages of Alzheimer's Disease and is underwent some rather significant changes (not good ones) last month. I'm going to see if my library has a copy of the book.

    It's been a difficult journey for my dad and our family; and we're trying to do everything possible to understand the challenges, frustration, and confusion he must be experiencing every day.

    Appreciate knowing there's another resource out there that might provide some insight. Thanks again!

  3. Your collage is full of such goodness - the color,the patterns, the images. You are so right that is nice to get away from the cognitive side- I need to do that more!

  4. Wow! I have had lots of chaos the last few days... well, since Saturday, and I am grateful I just kept moving along. You inspire me to continue, even though I slept a record 11 hours last night. Isn't that crazy?

    So glad you see your words this morning!

  5. You are experimenting in a lot of fields which is cool. Enjoy your Reiki class.

  6. You've been quite busy this past week and I can definitely see different forms of creativity in your different ventures. I LOVE how your collage piece is coming together and I'm keen to hear more when you explore the piece for hidden messages.

    Enjoy your Reiki class!

    Happy AEDM

  7. I really like the progression of your collage piece and reading about all the different forms your creativity has taken this week... hope next week is really productive for you xx

  8. Wow! What amazing responses! I appreciate you all! I will try and answer you all, so look for your names below.

    Gwen: Yes, I believe that alignment of the energy in your body can create increased creative flow. Spirituality and art have always been intertwined for me, so this is just furthering my spiritual and creative journey.

    Harvest Moon: I feel so thankful that I have been able to help you with some resource that might provide some help in your struggles with helping your father. Your taking the time to tell me that my posting has helped you in some small way moves me greatly. I will pray for your father and your family as you go forward on this difficult journey.

    rajns (carolyn): I am glad you are enjoying the collage progress. Yes, I have a problem with being in the cognitive side of my personality too is always good for me to let down my guard like this and just get into the flow.

    Julie Jordan Scott: Wow! Good for you about the sleeping. I never seem to get enough sleep and now they have linked lack of sleep with contributing to dementia's. More incentive to sleep more. Don't you allow yourself or anyone else to make you feel guilty about that sleep. Keep that mind in prime "writing" quality. Good to talk to you!

    Paula - Buenos Aires: I hope to enjoy the class. I know it may seem to others like I am experimenting with lots of different fields, but really they are all very tied into one main connection that makes them actually one field for me. Healing is the overall goal and most of my art therapy and social work ties into spirituality, art, and healing. So Reiki actually fits very well with the other parts of my what I do.

    Serena: I will definitely post the outcome of my collage and the ways it "speaks" to me. That can be half the fun. Thanks for your interest in it's evolution. Do you do anything with spontaneous collage work?

    Tracey Fletcher KIng: Yes, my creativity usually is all over the board. There is a common thread in most of what I do, but I am one who likes lots of different things going at once. It keeps me stimulated. I do force myself to relax and just do nothing sometimes to for the balance. This AEDM always gets me going much more than a normal month, though I am usually involved in several things at once. Have fun this month!

    Blessings and much Love to you all!